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The Falcon Group specialized security operators are from the ranks of various military and special forces units. The Falcon Group Security Operators was primarily formed to carry out higher level security, higher risk assignments and specialized protection services. That requires the best trained, most experienced and specialized security personnel. Our security operators have received their formal military training prior to joining the Falcon Group. All Security Operators have graduated from a certified PSD, (CQB) Protective Security Detail course and have experience in a Combat Zone. These security operators are trained and experienced. In providing security protection in high-risk enviroments utilizing miliatry tactics as well as advance protective services.

We recognize the challenges of providing a secure working environment – particularly when the client’s work sites are geographically dispersed. We have been providing security solutions to clients throughout the Middle East, Central and South America since the year 1995. Our specialized, low profile teams are comprise of highly trained and skilled ex-military personnel with experience in protecting individuals, commercial clients, executives, goverment head-of-states and presidents. Our development staff operates in high-threat and complex environments with our clients. That are at risk of physical attack or could be a potential hostage target;.

Our teams are customized to each client’s individual requirements with consideration given to the operating environment. The clients very latest threat and security profile. Our security operators are all hand-picked for this duty. This insures and guarantee the most intelligent, specialized and effective security personnel for each situation and assignment.


Falcon Group offers the most professional executive protection service. Protect your company's current and future profitability by safeguarding your financial assets. We provide a safe and secure home and work environment. The leadership of your organization is an asset that will be safely protected.

We put the safety of your executives first. By always using the most highly qualified personnel. A close protection bodyguard is a specialized task. The Falcon Group is highly regarded and recognised in Latin America. As the leader in executive security protection. We have operational skills and knowledge. That comes with experience and is applied exclusively in the executive protection environment. The executives may need protection from workplace violence. These issues may be related to layoffs and terminations. At times the corporate heads may need to travel. To a dangerous or unstable environment. No matter what and where the situation. The Falcon Group has the solutions and experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs, Boards of Directors, personnel, families of executives and other corporate leaders.


Our gang security protection services is very unique in Central America. Becuase of it's applicaion and nature. It applied by our advanced (ex-military) close protection operators. This service was designed specifcally for the clientele residing or traveling to a high-risk environment. That presently has active hostile gang activities like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. All our operational security close protection teams consist of former military, intelligence and tactical law enforcement personnel. All our specialized security operators assigned to this team. Have attended and graduated from a PSD and advanced (CQB) military, close quarter  protection and combat training courses. All team members contribute both individually and part of a security team. The Falcon Group Specialized Close Protection Security Operators serve as members of our Hercules Emergency Response Uint and Quick Reaction Force.

The spreading wave of savagery -- including beheadings, dismemberment, and systematic rape -- is the result of the growing involvement of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) and Barrio 18 gangs in the global cocaine trade, kidnappings, exortion and murder for hire.

As a result, El Salvador’s homicide rate in 2015 was 105 per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest in the world. Guatemala and Honduras ranked among the world’s top five. This level of violence makes daily living in much of the Northern Triangle a potentially fatal gamble. Boys are corralled into gangs; those who refuse are killed. Girls as young as 11 years old are taken as "jainas," or sex slaves.

A new report reveals the presence of street gangs or "maras" from the Northern Triangle in Costa Rica, while recent trends in the country's criminal dynamics suggests the influence of the criminal groups in the "Switzerland of Central America" may expand.

According to Costa Rica's Judicial Investigation Body (OIJ), members of the Barrio 18 and MS13 street gangs have maintained a presence in the country since the mid-2000s, reported Diario Extra. Costa Rican authorities have confirmed the arrests of 11 Barrio 18 and MS13 operatives over the past in various parts of the country.

If your traveling to a foreign country. You should visit this link for up to the minute crime satistics and murder against tourist in foreign countries


We assign an experienced security manager at no additional cost to the client. To supervise every field assignment from start to finish. While working on the ground along-side our Latin American counter partners. In every country, that we operate legally on the ground.


We provide armed security escorts for real estate searches, business, tourist, asset escorts to the bank, trips to the motor vehicle department, all official business, shopping plaza, going out on the town for dinner, dancing, weddings, resorts, travelers and vacationing students. 


The Falcon Group provides security consultancy with a specialty in high-risk crisis, security management, strategy and analysis. We can provide consulting services to individuals, businesses, corporations, resorts, hotels, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, military and government entities in all Latin America.


• Executive Close Protection, Bodyguards and Security Operators (CQB) trained
• Discrete Presidential & Dignitary (PSD) Details
• Celebrities, Athletes, Women & Children Security
• Security Drivers & Airport Transportation
• Tourist, Honeymoon, Wedding, Bank & Business Escorts
• Armed & Unarmed Security Officers
• Business, Residential & Corporate Property Security
• Security Consultancy & Analysis
• High Risk Threat Management & Assessments
• High Risk Employment Terminations & Violence
• Licensed Private Investigations, Countermeasures & Intelligence
• K, R & E kidnapping Negotiation
• Anti-Kidnapping & Extortion
• Anti-Kidnapping, Bodyguard & Personal Security Programs
• Witness Protection & Court Security
• Search, Rescue & Recovery Scuba Waterborne Operations
• Counter Intelligence, Surveillance & Anti-Debugging
• Worldwide GPS Person real time global monitoring
• Armored Vehicles
• K-9 Dogs Security Service
• Secured Tourist Bus & Limousine Services
• Heavy Convoy & Asset Security
• Latin America Secured Private Airplane Transportation
• Personal/Business/Corporate Security Web Solutions
• Corporate Fitness & Martial Arts/Self-Defense Training
• Hotel, Corporate Loss Prevention Operators
• Disaster Logistical Response  - Improvise Explosive Device Detection Teams (IEDs)


Some Security Agents are CPR certified, trained in heart saver technics, relief of choking, cardiac emergencies, field first aid for infants, children and adults.


All Security Officers, Security Agents and Security Operators have a mandatory security prerequisites of residency, security card, weapons training, concealed weapons permit, security training, bodyguard training, field experience, martial arts/self-defense, psychological testing, criminal history background and employment reference check.

CCSS: Patron responsibilities Insurances • Policies INS • Risk Workers Compensation • Life • Liability • Policies Loyalty and Possessions Loss • Registry Ministry of Public Security • Dept. of Weapons and Explosives License • Dept of Private Security Services License




Security Officers for all Residential, Condominium, Installations, Apartments, Churches, Commercial Properties, Construction Sites, Hotels, Resorts, Movie Sets, Office Buildings (Small & Large), Closed Circuit TV Monitoring, Restaurants, High Rise Buildings, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Malls, Shopping Centers, Entertainment Center, Access & Parking Lots, Industrial Parks, Automotive Dealerships, Vehicle, Bicycle and Motorcycle Patrols, Schools, Warehouses. and Special Transports Security. Our security personnel can be retained armed or unarmed. 


All our guard dogs are medium to large breed dogs with extensive operational, frontline experience. In defending and protecting commercial and private properties.

Our proud breed of “guardian dogs” will bark loudly, alerting their handlers of the presence of an intruder. Before attacking in defense of the property or person. That they are tasked to secure and defend..

The Falcon Group Sentry Guard Dogs are specifically trained. To attack anyone other than their handler. Our dogs have the ability to function automatically and may not need a command to attack. They are trained to restraint after interception of the trespasser. A trait required when protecting a specific site or location. Some of our Dogs have been trained to take action after the initial alert stage.


Private Investigations services include locates of missing persons, criminal/employee internal theft issues, loss prevention, background, pre-employment screening investigations, matrimonial, pre-marital, debugging, video, photographs, computer searches, due diligence and real estate property searches. National & International.


We assist to analyze potential threats and problems with a risk management profile for each individual client. We will evaulate your special circumstances. On how best to provide your immediate and future security needs. We will conduct a full personal, property and business security evaluation. That will enable the client to up-grade thier security procedures. While implementing better security for personal, family, property, customers and businesses.

The Falcon Group provides security analysis and work products guidance for Condominiums, Retails, Hotels, Businesses, Insurance Companies, Corporations and Goverments. We can conduct assesment analysis of your condominum, resort, hotel, business, company and corporations physical security needs. We can assist to implement new security countermeasures, manage your internal security force and focused on positive recommendations. The Falcon Group will assist to implement new security policies and operational procedures. To enhance your old and out-dated security services. This will benefit your organization with better logistics for operating in Latin America. Where internal security issues, violance, gangs, kidnapping, armed robbery, rape and murder are common on a daily bases. 


We assist in counter-terrorism, anti-extortion, anti-kidnapping and recoveries operations in all foreign countries. The Falcon Group will at times work in concert with other security companies, local goverment, prosecutors, military and law enforcement authorities. If and when the environment is not compromised. The Falcon Group can assist with its own intelligence, negotiations and rescue (H.E.R.U.) Hercules Emergency Response Unit (Present and former advisors in high risk environments as security operators, consultants to foreign businesses, corporations, insurance companies, intelligence, military, police agencies and goverment entities)


We specialize in witness protection. If your become a victim or witness to a crime in one of our security providing countries. We will protect you and your family. While in the process of testifying or relocating within and outside the country.


Our security operators and specialized emergency response unit. Can provide a safe and secure environment for your personnel, familiy and diplomats. We use precise countermeasures in the areas of physical security, high-threats, constantly evaluating, managing, and mitigating the security threats in foreign countries. We protect individuals and compounds from the daily threats from crime, kidnappings and extortion attempts from locals and terrorist. We provided tactical and physical security with specialized security and protection for goverment officials, diplomat, diplomatic family members, employees residing or stationed in all Latin America and the Middle East.

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